My interest in photography started in Japan when I was nine, with my parents' camera. At eleven I had my own camera and my interest took off. Living in Japan at the time, my main subject was trains, metropolitan, long-distance, rural, bullet trains. My interest in aviation and freight trains picked up when I was back in Australia. I am thankful to those photographers who have shared their time and technical know-how with me. My passion is to travel widely, to improve with every shot and capture the story of every frame.




  • TAMRON 11th Scenic Railway Competition (Open Section)


  • The 2019 Inaugural Australian Railroad Photo Competition, ‘Moving Moments




  • Rail Magazine (12/2018, NEKO PUBLISHING CO., LTD, Japan. Circulation 45,000)





  • Jetphotos Top Photographer of the Day 9/6/2020

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Photo by Shinki M.



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