• Nicholas Kimura

A Blast from the Past #4

Continuing from the last post, A Blast from the Past #3, some afternoon departures were captured on the same day. Thankfully, the sunshine lasted throughout the day and was able to photograph some aircraft which you wouldn't see at the moment.

Cathay Pacific B77W B-KQS

Departing runway 34L, seen here is a Boeing 777 operated by Cathay Pacific, one of the most hard-hit airlines, given that it operates mostly international routes. Some of these B777s are now in Alice Springs for long-term storage.

Singapore Airlines A388 9V-SKK

Similar to Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines also is having a hard time due to COVID-19. All of its A380s are grounded as well as many other wide-body aircraft. Being the first customer for the Airbus 380s, we can only hope that seeing the Singaporian A380s again is not too far in the future.

Qantas A388 VH-OQK
Qantas A388 VH-OQK

The Qantas A380 fleet is now in Victorville, US for long-term storage. It is said that they will be returning to Australia somewhere near the year 2023. Given that the B747 are retired now, Qantas will only be operating aircraft with single decks for a while.


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